Project Design

6 Flood Control Elements. 20 Years. 1 Holistic Flood Reduction Effort.

The Upper Prairie Silver Moores Project pairs flood control infrastructure, with revised hydrology and public engagement to tackle Grand Island’s historic flooding problem.


Project Map

The project map shows the structures created to reduce flood risks.

Map Key

DCUL = Dry Creek Upland Dry Dams
PCUL = Prairie Creek Upland Dry Dams

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Dry Dams

Four dry dams were installed upstream of Grand Island.

Combined, the dam structures provide an additional 8470 acre-ft (over 2.75 billion gallons) of flood water storage.

Construction for all dams was completed in 2015.


Detention Cell

One large floodwater detention cell, was installed along Silver Creek.

When at capacity, the detention cell will hold over 2780 acre-feet (905 million gallons) of floodwater that may have flooded Grand Island.

Constructed in six phases over 10 years, detention cell construction completed in 2018.



A levee was constructed along Silver Creek at the Northwest edge of Grand Island.

The levee is the final construction component of the UPSM project and will reduce flood risks posed by Silver Creek.

Construction for the project began in 2018. Upon completion this spring, the levee will run approximately 1.5 miles.


Project History

How the project came to be

Learn more about the project and the partners who came together to make this project a reality.