Upper Prairie Silver Moores Project

Flood Risk Reduction for Grand Island, NE

The Upper Prairie Silver Moores Project (UPSM) is a multi-year flood risk reduction project designed to reduce flooding risk for Northwestern Grand Island. The project was made possible by collaboration between the Central Platte Natural Resources District, City of Grand Island, Nebraska Department of Natural Resources, Merrick County, and Hall County.

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Project Goals

Reduce flooding for residents, business, and farmers in the northwestern Grand Island, which floods regularly.

Update FEMA flood maps to reflect the flood risk reduction benefits work completed thus far, which will remove a portion of the properties currently in the floodplain.

Educate citizens on the residual risks associated with living near flood control structures.


Project Impacts

Scheduled for completion in 2019, the Upper Prairie Silver Moores Project greatly reduces the risk of flooding to northwest Grand Island and its surrounding area.


$50 mil

In Damages Prevented

The Upper Prairie Silver Moores project reduces $50 million in damages during a 100-yr storm (1% annual flood chance), or an annualized flood damage reduction of $7.9 million.


structures with greatly reduced flood risks

Over 500 homes and business have had their flood risk greatly reduced during a 100-yr flood event (1% annual flood chance) as a result of the project.


Project Benefit-To-Cost

Assuming a 50-yr project life, the benefit-to-cost ratio is 13:1. The project also bolsters a rate of return of nearly 33%.


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