Project Overview

Upper Prairie Silver Moores
Flood Risk Reduction Project

Multiple flood control structures combine to greatly reduce flooding in northwest Grand Island, NE. Constructed over ten years, it is the most comprehensive flood control project ever pursued in Grand Island.


The Need

The Grand Island area is prone to flooding

On average, there is one flood every year somewhere in the CPNRD’s jurisdiction, with a major flood occurring every six years.

In May of 2005, Grand Island sustained $3-5 million in damages during a flood event.


The results

The project reduces flooding for northwest Grand Island

The project eliminates nearly $50 million in damages from a 100-yr flood event (1% annual flood chance).

The project is part of a larger, ongoing effort to reduce flooding in the Central Platte district.

Every $1 invested in the project sees $1.33 returned in flood damage savings.


Flood Insurance

CPNRD is currently submitting a letter of map revision (LOMR) to FEMA

The project team has received approval for a Conditional Letter of Map Revision (CLOMR) from FEMA, a critical step toward assuring the approval of floodplain map revision through the LOMR.

CPNRD will submit a LOMR to FEMA for review this spring. After, FEMA will review and provide comments (if applicable). The NRD will resolve any comments needed to obtain LOMR approval.

Once the LOMR is approved, floodplain management and insurance cost reduction benefits will become available to property owners in low risk areas of the revised floodplain.




While flood insurance may no longer be required within certain areas, the CPNRD encourages property owners to consider purchasing lower cost flood insurance through a Preferred Risk Policy (PRP) as an additional safety measure.



Next Steps

What to expect on the UPSM project moving forward


Project DESIGN

Six Flood Control Elements. One Flood Reduction Effort.

20 years of flood reduction infrastructure combine to create meaningful flood reduction progress for the Grand Island, Nebraska.