Upper Prairie Silver Moores

Project History

With work beginning over 15 years ago, the Upper Prairie Silver Moores Project highlights a sustained effort to reduce flooding in Grand Island.



Hydrology Analysis is Completed
CPNRD and the City of Grand Island complete a detailed analysis and 100-year floodplain study in the upper parts of Dry, Prairie, and Silver & Moores Creek watersheds, located south of Hwy. 2 and east Hwy 281.


Grand Island and Hall County Hit with $12-15 million in Flood Damages
On May 11, 2005, nearly 3,000 homes and business are damaged by flooding, many of which would have seen reduced damage levels had the UPSM Project been in place. 


Construction Begins on the Detention Cell
The first two phases of the detention cell begin construction, including areas on both the east and west sides of Dannenbrog Road.



Construction Halted on the Detention Cell
Upon completion of the fourth phase, construction was halted by the United States Corps of Engineers (USACE) due to concerns with unexploded ordinances on the adjacent USACE property.



Construction of the Dry Dams PCUL4 and DCUL6 Begins
The two smallest dams began construction in 2013, with completion in 2014.



CPNRD Receives Clearance from USACE to Proceed with Detention Cell Construction
The NRD received clearance from USACE in 2015 that the risk posed by unexploded ordinances on the adjacent property had been remediated and construction of the detention cells could continue.


Construction of the Dry Dams PCUL1 and PCUL2 Begins
The two largest dams began construction in 2015, with completion in 2016.


CPNRD Begins Development of Conditional Letter of Map Revision (CLOMR) for FEMA
CPNRD hires JEO Consulting Group Inc. to begin work on the CLOMR submission for FEMA. This letter was a critical step to ensure final flood map revisions are approved by FEMA.



CPNRD Submitted a Conditional Letter of Map Revision (CLOMR) to FEMA
This application is the first step of the remapping process. A CLOMR gives preliminary confirmation that map changes can occur once construction of the project is complete, assuming no changes to design have been made.



Conditional Letter of Mapping Revision Approved by FEMA
Approval of the CLOMR was received in summer of 2018. The CLOMR is essential to the floodplain map revision process as it provides assurance that FEMA will accept the technical information necessary to update the floodplain maps when the LOMR is submitted. It is anticipated that the LOMR request will be submitted to FEMA in early spring of 2019.


Construction of the Levee Begins
Construction began in the fall of 2018 on the final structural component of the UPSM project.  Construction is mostly complete and is expected to be wrapped up in the spring of 2019.